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Extend Shipping Protection is proud to offer Shipping Protection Plans from an independent third-party, Extend, Inc. Shipping Protection Plan agreements are directly between Extend, Inc. and the purchaser. and all affiliates are merely sellers without Seller Protection Plan obligation.

Can you tell me more about the Extend Shipping Protection Program?

Redline360 is proud to partner with Extend and offer their Shipping Protection Program for our valued customers! Below we'll share the FAQ:

What is Extend Shipping Protection?

Extend Shipping Protection provides customers protection against lost, stolen, or damaged packages during the shipping process. For a nominal fee, customers can add Shipping Protection to their order at checkout. If customers have a shipping issue, they can go to Extend’s digital claims portal, Kaley, to instantly redeem a replacement product.

How can I purchase an Extend Shipping Protection Plan?

An Extend Shipping Protection Plan can be purchased as you are checking out and is added to your entire order. For example, if you purchase five products, you will have one Shipping Protection plan that covers your entire order from being lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.

What are the benefits of an Extend Shipping Protection Plan?

Extend provides peace of mind and financial protection should a customer’s package be lost, stolen, or damaged during transit. Extend is a reliable service that makes purchasing and filing claims on shipping protection plans seamless through an easy-to-use online portal and great customer support team.

What products are covered?

The Extend Shipping Protection Plan covers physical goods shipped within the United States and Puerto Rico. The Extend team works with our partner merchants to identify all eligible products and match them to a shipping protection plan.  Not all products are eligible for various reasons.

What issues can’t be approved?

The Customer will have to contact the merchant for these order issues:

  • Items that are backordered.
  • Items sent in error by the merchant, like the wrong size, color or wrong item.
  • Items missing from the order when the package shows no exterior damage or tampered seal.
  • Items with mechanical or electrical defects.

Sometimes packages may not be in transit or delivered, or they may be returned to the sender for various reasons. In these cases, the package is still insured. However, the claim may not be approved for the following reasons:

  • If the Customer provided the wrong shipping address on the online order; they should contact the merchant to see if the address can be corrected and rerouted.
  • The recipient refused to sign for the package or refused the delivery.
  • Packages that are not delivered after multiple attempts by the shipping carrier.
  • Packages that are held or redirected at the request of the recipient.
  • We also don’t cover claims if they are fraudulent.

When does coverage start and end?

Coverage kicks in when the package has shipped from the merchant. We will receive notice that the package has shipped when the shipping carrier first scans the package. Customers can also typically find this date on the shipping carrier’s tracking site. Please keep in mind that if a shipping label is created, but not yet scanned by the shipping carrier, the coverage hasn’t kicked in. Extend’s coverage ends when one of these things happens:

  • Your packages are delivered to your final destination undamaged.
  • Your package doesn’t reach its final destination and you file a claim - and that claim is approved or denied.
  • For damaged items, your package is covered for damages incurred during the course of shipment and final delivery. You will have 60 days once delivered to file your claim. Any damages incurred after delivery are not covered.

When can the Customer file a claim?

If the package arrives damaged, the Customer can file a claim as soon as it is delivered.

If the Customer’s package is lost or stolen, they can file a claim 5 days after the estimated delivery date. The Customer can typically find this date on the shipping carrier’s tracking site.

If the carrier’s tracking page does not show an estimated delivery date or shows “Pending”, they should contact Extend’s support team, and they will help you complete the claim online or by phone at (877)

We ask the Customer to wait 5 days because packages are sometimes delayed in transit, prematurely marked as delivered or misdelivered but eventually rerouted to the correct destination.

For example, if the shipping carrier's tracking page shows:

  • “In Transit” and the date of that last status was 5 days ago, submit a claim.
  • “Delivered” and the package hasn’t shown up for 5 days since, submit a claim.

What information do I need to file a claim for my Extend Shipping Protection Plan?

Please have your contract ID or email address handy in order to file a claim through the Extend Customer Claims Portal or by contacting Extend’s Customer Care Team at 1-877-248-7707.

If the customer contacts your team directly to file the claim, please kindly transfer them to Extend via phone at 1-877-248-7707 or direct them to file a claim through the Extend Customer Claims Portal.

Where is my contract ID?

Customers will receive an email after purchasing a shipping protection plan that details:

  • Contract ID
  • Coverage Dates
  • Product Name

Please contact the Extend Customer Care Team if the Customer does not receive this email at

What is the process to file a claim under an Extend Shipping Protection Plan?

Extend makes it easy for Customers to file a claim either through the call center or the online portal.

Below are the steps the customer will go through:

  • The Customer provides a contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information to Extend.
  • Extend entitles (validates) contract coverage by ensuring the plan is active.
  • The Customer answers a few adjudication questions about the item (ex: was it lost, stolen, or damaged, etc.).
  • Once the claim is approved, the Customer will receive a confirmation email with a link to purchase a new item on the merchant’s website.

If the Customer experiences any complications during the Extend Claims process, what can they do?

The Customer can contact the Extend Customer Care Team in the Extend Claims Portal or over the phone at 1-877-248-7707.

Can I cancel my Extend Shipping Protection Plan?

Yes, you may cancel your coverage and receive a full refund up until the product has shipped. To do so, Customers should contact the Merchant to adjust or cancel their order.