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Cameron's Modified 2017 Toyota 86

Cameron's Modified Toyota 86

Our customer Cameron sent us over pictures and some info on his latest build - a 2017 Toyota 86.  We think Cameron did a great job building a clean car and picking tasteful modifications to show off his unique style.  Simply beautiful car!

Below, enjoy some photos of this modified and tuned Toyota 86 and read what Cameron wrote about this car, his modifications and his journey.  Enjoy!

2017 Toyota 86 Modified

Modifications to this Tuned 2017 Toyota 86

  • Aero: Carbon fender canards, carbon duckbill, carbon race mirrors
  • Exhaust: JDL UEL catless titanium headers, titanium dual resonated front/overpipe combo, tomei expreme ti 60s limited edition race titanium catback
  • Engine: delicious tuning flex fuel kit, custom ecutek tune, lightweight flywheel and pulley
  • Intake: corsa performance filter in conjunction with a kraftwerks c38 rotrex supercharger kit.
  • Wheels/tires: continental extremecontact ultra high performance all season 235/40/18 on avid av6 matte white 18x8.5+35 wheels
  • Weight: engine bay is cleaned up, trunk is completely stripped, interior door panels are minimized
  • Looks: spec d tuning Headlights with rgb drls, front mount plate with custom Japanese vanity plate, carbon details, Valenti black tint Taillights, toyota trd tow strap, paintmatched windshield banner
  • Drivetrain: carbon ceramic performance brake pads with geomet drilled and slotted rotors, trd lowering springs, front camber bolts.

Cameron's Toyota 86

What mods are planned in the future?

I plan on buying a set of cupped coilovers to drop the car an additional 3 inches, along with a robotcraftsman widebody kit and a streetfaction Chassis mount wing. As for performance I want to get a better fuel system with bigger injectors and a larger supercharger to create more boost. I plan on either swapping the engine block for a billet shortblock or just rebuilding the internals to handle ~640bhp. Long term I aspire to swap the engine entirely for a twin turbo flat 6 from a porsche gt3rs.

I have always been really interested in playing forza, and throughout the game there was always one car that caught my eye, not just for looks and affordability but for the handling, and that was the subaru brz. I eventually did more research and found the toyota 86 in the game, which happened to be a rare version worth roughly 16 million at the time on the auction house. This roughly correlates to real life as the toyota 86 was produced in significantly less numbers than the brz or the scion frs. Hense my reasoning behind getting an 86 over a brz or frs. Ever since I purchased the car I have torn the entire thing apart over and over adding and adjusting every little thing to make it just a little bit more perfect. The stock car was a wonderful car but I wanted more power, so I bought an intake, then a tune, and an exhaust. All of these things let to a crave for more and more power. I finally ended up buying a Supercharger, because I wanted the low end torque a lot more than top end power from a turbo, and the result was incredible. The car currently makes about 300bhp and weighs a hair under 2800lbs. Overall I couldn't be more happy with the build. It's taught me everything I know about cars and I've done everything on it myself, learning as I go. It truly is my dream car. It's powerful it handles better than any car I've ever driven, it looks phenomenal, it's unique, reliable, and it's affordable. All things you need from a dream car.

Want to see more of Cameron's Toyota 86? Check out his IG @cam.smith333

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