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Bigg Q's Modified 2020 Honda Accord 1.5T Turbo

Quin, one of our good customers, sent us these photos and a mods list of his 2020 Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo that he's been modifying.  Quin went with some popular mods that really customize and make the Accord uniquely his.  When I saw this car, I knew he takes great care of it due to how clean and well put together everything is - all of the aftermarket components work great together.  Nice job!

Check out this car below as well as some comments from Quin himself.

Modified, Lowered and Stanced 2020 Honda Accord

The car is a 2020 Honda Accord  

The mods I’ve done are coilovers, wheels, sequential taillights, duckbill wing, cold air intake, blow off valve, and recently a REV 9 exhaust by Redline

My future plans with the accord are to do a down pipe k2 tuner and hopefully a bigger turbo 

Rear Shot - Honda Accord Lowered on Godspeed MonoSS Coilovers

When I first bought the accord it was just to have something new and get to work but then I just couldn’t help myself  I had to put some tint on it after that it went down from there literally!!! My friends and I put a set of Godspeed coilovers on it looked so good decided to just slam it. I always had a passion for car ever since I was a little kid looking out the window of my parents Chevy blazer I always was doing something with my hands weather it was holding the flash light for my dad or tearing about his lawnmower I got into cars by just following my dreams no matter if it was just installing blown out speakers form Walmart or an exhaust just do something that you love an make it yours! 

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