KSport Slide Kontrol Drift Coilovers Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2008-2010) w/ Front Camber Plates

KSport Slide Kontrol Drift Coilovers Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2008-2010) w/ Front Camber Plates

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The Ksport Slide Kontrol Drift Coilovers were designed to perform at a competitive level and withstand the abuse of the drift circuit. The system features 36 levels adjustable damping, an inverted shock design, adjustable spring perch, as well as adjustable body and Pillowball mounts. As one of the strongest coilover applications on the market, the Slide Kontrol Drift Coilover kit has been trusted by professional drivers and enthusiasts around the world.

Fitment Information

  • Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2008, 2009, 2010)
  • 2.0L Turbo & 3.8L

Specs & Features

  • Spring Rates: 
    • Front 12K, Rear 8.5K
    • Front Camber Plates: Pillowball Mount with camber adjustment
    • 36-Way Adjustable
    • Dampening Adjustment For Compression and Rebound together
    • Monotube Dampers
    • Includes adjustment spanner wrenches

    Product Description

    The Ksport Slide Kontrol Drift Coilover Kit was carefully designed to perform at a competitive level and withstand the abuse of the drift circuit. The system features 36 levels adjustable damping, an inverted shock design, adjustable spring perch, as well as adjustable body and Pillowball mounts. Vehicles with McPherson type suspensions benefit from inverted larger 55mm diameter struts, steel lower mounts, and heavy duty Pillowball mounts with camber adjustment. Ride height can be lowered 2” to 4” depending on application. As one of the strongest coilover applications on the market, the Slide Kontrol Drift Coilover kit has been trusted by numerous professional Formula Drift drivers, grassroots drifters and more.

    Inverted Steel Shock Absorber for Increased Response and Heat Build-Up
    Vehicles with McPherson suspension will come standard with inverted front shocks whereas wishbone/a-arm type vehicles will come with standard non-inverted type shocks. Inverted shocks move the gas/oil chamber farther away from the knuckle and braking kit reducing heat transfer. This design also reduces un-sprung weight which helps improve handling and responsiveness. *Note: On inverted shocks the damping knob is at the bottom of the shock. Each kit is supplied with a flexible damping adjustment knob for easier access.

    Stiffer Spring Rates and Shock Damping
    Slide Kontrol damper kits are configured with about 30-50% stiffer shock damping compared to our top-selling Kontrol Pro kit. Stiffer spring rates assist in better initiations while drifting. Helper springs are included in certain applications depending on spring length and shock stroke.

    Large 55mm Shock Bodies
    Slide Kontrol drift coilovers with inverted type shocks feature large 55mm shock bodies. This allows for added oil capacity for increased cooling efficiency. They also perform better under stress situations which make them perfect for track events.

    Heavy Duty Steel Lower Mounts
    McPherson suspension type vehicles feature increased strength Steel lower mounts. Also standard are brake line and sensor brackets. Although Steel is slightly heavier than Aluminum, it offers much stronger protection under stress situations ensuring it will endure the extended abuse and extreme handling-load of drifting.

    All Metal Pillowball for Added Strength and Responsiveness
    A step up from our Kontrol Pro coilovers, the heavy duty all Steel pillowball adds more strength and better steering response. You may experience slightly more noise with this type of pillowball, which is completely normal when compared to OEM suspension where noise is reduced by using rubber parts. Our patented new top nut and bearing kit helps combat noise while turning at slow speeds unlike other coilovers on the market.

    36-Way Adjustable Damping
    Featuring 36 levels of damping adjustment these Drifting Coilovers allow you to perfectly dial in your system for both handling and comfort. In addition, the damping adjustment alters compression and rebound simultaneously for more effective and user-friendly setup changes.

    Aerospace Quality Aluminum Components
    Most pieces in our Coilover systems, including mounts, collars and spring perches, are designed from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum resulting in lightweight, durable and rust resistant components. Steel shock bodies are electroplated with Zinc to resist rust and protect from the elements. In addition, kits include an anti-rust paste packet that can be applied to key areas of the coilover for added protection.

    Adjustable Spring Perch for Height Adjustment
    Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount which means height adjustability without losing suspension travel. Users can easily achieve desired ride height without worrying about bottoming out the shock. For vehicles that have a separate rear shock and spring, or a “hi-low kit”, height adjustment is available via the spring perch and the lower mount of the shock. This allows vehicles with this type of set up to still go as low, if not lower, than true coilovers.

    Adjustable Lower Mount Allowing Maximum Suspension Travel
    Most of our coilovers feature the ability to adjust your ride height without affecting the shock and spring travel. This way you can set your desired ride height without having to worry about bottoming out the shock.

    Monotube High Pressure Design Reduces Oil Leakage
    The Ksport Slide Kontrol Coilover systems utilize a Monotube design, with oil and gas separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube construction, the Monotube design dissipates heat faster and more evenly and allows for finer damping adjustments. Aeration and cavitation issues are a lot less common in a Monotube design, resulting in a more consistent ride quality.

    Camber Adjustment on Many Models
    For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in adjustability, Ksport’s advanced upper pillow ball mount is available on many applications, giving the option for separate camber and caster adjustments. This allows you to easily dial in your camber for things such as vehicle alignment while also eliminating the need for a separate camber kit. *Note: Camber adjustment is not available on all models with pillowball upper mounts.

    Pillowball Top Mount for Increased Steering Feel
    On many applications, Pillowball top mounts in the front and rear allow you to install and setup to OEM specifications. Ksport’s patented upper pillowball mount offers the same level of adjustability and performance but allows for compliance that is often required from high-demand strut applications. In addition, our pillowball upper mounts combat noise, increase steering feel and response and on many applications, offer camber adjustment, eliminating the need for a separate camber kit.

      Ksport USA offers an 12 month warranty on these coilovers when purchased through an authorized dealer such as Redline360

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            Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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